Задание 39 ЕГЭ 2015 Демоверсия ФИПИ (Costume Parties)

На этой странице Вы можете ознакомиться с вариантами выполнения Задания 39 из Демоверсии ФИПИ за 2015 год. Все письма о костюмированных вечеринках (Halloween) были написаны моими учениками и публикуются на сайте с их любезного разрешения. Задание 39 относится к заданию базового уровня из раздела «Письмо» на ЕГЭ по английскому языку.

Прежде чем приступать к выполнению Задания 39, ознакомьтесь с правилами написания писем личного характера, прочитав статью «Готовимся к ЕГЭ. Как правильно написать личное письмо» ( см. страницу «Карта сайта» )


При загрузке контента на сайт, адрес в письме появляется слева. Помните, что согласно правилам написания личного письма в английском языке, Вы должны писать свой адрес в правом верхнем углу!

ЕГЭ 2015 Демонстрационный вариант ФИПИ, 11 класс 

Задание 39 вариант 1

You have received a letter from your English-speaking pen-friend Nancy who


… This year we had a school costume party for Halloween. It was a big success. What costume would you fancy wearing to a costume party? What would you rather do: make a costume yourself or buy one, and why? What do you think of costume parties in general?

    Our history teacher is taking us to a museum for a field trip next week …


Write a letter to Nancy.

In your letter

—   answer her questions

—   ask 3 questions about the museum

Write 100–140 words.

Remember the rules of letter writing.







Dear Nancy,

It was nice to get a letter from you. How are you now?

I think it is wonderful that you had a school costume party for Halloween! Unfortunately, we don’t celebrate this holiday in Russia, but it might be very interesting. I would prefer to wear a witch costume for this party.

To tell the truth, I’m all fingers and thumbs that’s why I would rather buy my fancy dress. As for me, I like the idea of holding costume parties because they give us a chance to relax, make our life bright and more exciting.

Sounds great you’re going to visit a museum! Where is it situated? It is a historical museum, isn’t it? What exhibits would you like to see there?

I’m looking forward to hearing from you.


Darya (138)


Would rather + infinitive without TO   e.g. I would rather buy my fancy dress.

But: would prefer + to do something   e.g. I would prefer to wear a witch costume.

to be all fingers and thumbs — быть неуклюжим


Задание 39 вариант 2






Dear Nancy,

Hi! Thank you for your letter.

Well, unfortunately we rarely hold parties at school but if it was a dark party, I would wear a costume of a shadow hunter. I would rather make a costume myself because it’s a great chance to create my personal design. I think that to organize costume parties is a wonderful idea because people look much more different than in ordinary life. A costume contest with prizes can liven your party up. What is more, it is fascinating to guess who is who behind the mask.

How lucky you are! It might be amazing to visit a museum in the open air.

By the way, what sorts of activities are you going to do there? Is it far from your school?  The admission is  free, isn't it?

Write back soon.


Christina (143)


Задание 39 вариант 3







Dear Nancy,

Hi! I received a letter from you a couple of weeks ago.  Thanks for it. Please, excuse my tardy reply, but I was very busy with my Chemistry project at school.

Well, I think that costume parties are a good way to have lots of fun and show how gifted you are. You can impress your classmates with your performing, singing or dancing.

As for me, I would prefer to wear a costume of Cheshire Cat from “Alice in Wonderland” because he always smiles and tells funny and sometimes philosophic stories. I like it.

I’d rather do it on my own as my hobby is handicraft and I enjoy bringing some crazy ideas to life.

By the way, are you going to the museum after classes? How much are the tickets? Is taking pictures allowed?

Best wishes.


Dasha (143)

Sample Questions

  1. Where is the museum situated?
  2. It is a historical museum, isn’t it?
  3. Is it an open air museum?
  4. Is it far from your school?
  5. Will you go there on foot or by bus?
  6. How can you get there?
  7. Are there any discounts for students?
  8. What is the admission fee to the museum?
  9. The admission to the museum is free, isn’t it?
  10. Do you often go to museums as class activities?
  11. You can take pictures there, can’t you?
  12. Taking pictures is allowed, isn’t it?
  13. What sorts of activities are you going to do there?
  14. Do you go to the museum instead you classes at school?
  15. How long will the trip last?
  16. Do the tickets cost much? / Are the tickets expensive?

костюмированная вечеринка

Halloween Costume Party

What about you?

Do you fancy the idea of taking part in a costume party?