Задание 39 ЕГЭ 2016 Демоверсия ФИПИ (New Year celebration)

На этой странице Вы можете ознакомиться с вариантами выполнения Задания 39 из Демоверсии ФИПИ за 2016 год. Все письма о праздновании Нового года (New Year celebration) были написаны моими учениками и публикуются на сайте с их разрешения. Лексическое оформление и пунктуация авторов сохранены. Задание 39 относится к заданию базового уровня из раздела «Письмо» на ЕГЭ по английскому языку.

Прежде чем приступать к выполнению Задания 39, ознакомьтесь с правилами написания писем личного характера, прочитав статью «Готовимся к ЕГЭ. Как правильно написать личное письмо» ( см. страницу «Карта сайта» )


При загрузке контента на сайт, адрес в письме появляется слева. Помните, что согласно правилам написания личного письма в английском языке, Вы должны писать свой адрес в правом верхнем углу!

Демонстрационный вариант ЕГЭ 2016 г.


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Задание 39 вариант 1

You have received a letter from your English-speaking pen-friend Nancy who writes:

     … I hope you liked my New Year card. Where and how did you celebrate New Year this time? What was the weather like? What’s your secret wish or at least hopes and expectations for the coming year?

      I’ve redecorated my room and it looks much nicer now …


Write a letter to Nancy.

In your letter

− answer her questions

− ask 3 questions about the way her room looks now

Write 100–140 words.

Remember the rules of letter writing.






Dear Nancy,

I’ve just received your latest letter with a New Year card. It’s really wonderful. Thank you so much.

Well, I celebrated New Year with my family at my granny’s house. My sister and I made salad “olivie” which is the traditional New Year’s dish.  At midnight we wished each other lots of good things in the coming year and gave some gifts. Then our parents lit beautiful fireworks for us. The weather was a little bit frosty that day.

You know, my secret wish is to get a Labrador puppy for my birthday this year.

Hope your room looks wonderful now! Did you paint or paper the walls in your room? What colour curtains have you got now? Are there any built-in lights in the ceiling?

I’m looking forward to hearing from you.


Marina (140)


Задание 39 вариант 2






Dear Nancy,

Hi! Thank you for your New Year card. It was amazing to get it because I’ve never received a real postcard before!

Guess what! This time we celebrated New Year in Egypt. My father bought a fortnight tour and our family had a great time there. The staff of the hotel where we lived organized a festive dinner and a concert for us. The weather was warm and sunny and we swam a lot in the crystal clear sea.  I hope the year will be successful and I’ll pass my driving test well.

In your letter you told me that you had redecorated your room. Have you got space enough to put the piano in your room now? Are there any pictures on the walls? Did you add any bookshelves to keep your text-books?

Keep in touch.

Best wishes,

Artyom  (145)

to redecorate – проводить косметический ремонт

Sample Questions:

  1. What colour curtains (wallpaper) do you have now?
  2. Did you paint or paper the walls in your room?
  3. Have you got built-in lights in the ceiling of your room?
  4. Are there any pictures (wall lamps) on the walls?
  5. Did you paint the walls in your favourite peach colour? (azure, beige, magenta, lime-green)
  6. Does the atmosphere in your room make you feel relaxed and calm?
  7. Are there any flower pots on the window sill?
  8. Did you use pale or bright colours to redecorate your room?
  9. Do you have space enough to put some plants (the piano, an aquarium) in the corner of the room?
  10. Did you add any bookshelves to keep your text-books?

What about you?

Where and how did you celebrate New Year?