Мой дом Моя комната

My house (My flat)


We live in a five-storeyed block of flats (in a detached house) in Nadrechnaya Street. It is in the center of our village (town, city). There are a lot of different shops nearby and it’s very convenient to do everyday shopping. Our flat is on the ground floor. It is very comfortable and well-planned. We have all modern conveniences, such as central heating, electricity, gas, cold and hot running water, the telephone and the Internet. There are three rooms, a kitchen, a bathroom, and a hall in our flat (house). There is also a balcony in the flat and we can see the top of the church.


The Living Room

The largest room in our flat (house) is the living room. We use it as a dining room, too. In the middle of the room there is a table and six (four) chairs round it.  Also you can see a red wall-to-wall carpet on the floor. Opposite the window there is a wall-unit with lots of books, a dinner set, goblets and glasses, a coffee set, a tea set. In the left-hand corner of the room there is a wood fireplace. Most of all I like sitting comfortably in the rocking chair in front of the fire and watching the burning flame. It makes me feel calm. In the right-hand corner there are two comfortable armchairs and a small coffee table between them. Under the window there is a sofa with lots of soft cushions. Our cat is used to sleeping among them. There is a flat-screen TV-set on the wall in front of the sofa. We like this room best of all because in the evenings we gather there to have tea, watch TV, talk and rest.

My Room

My room is the smallest room in our flat, but it is cosy and light. My brother and I share one bedroom. There is one big window with white and navy blue curtains on it. There are some plants on the window-sill. We have got modern furniture which helps to save space in the room. It is light brown. Under the window there is a desk with a computer (a laptop). There is an office chair at the desk. To the right of the room you can see bunk beds. Near the bunk beds there are several toy boxes where my brother keeps his toys. There are two big wardrobes with sliding mirror doors and several bookshelves opposite the bed.  I should say that I always make my bed and keep my things in order. There is a white mat on the floor near the bed. The wallpaper in my room is really nice. (The walls in my room are painted blue.) You can find a lot of posters of my favourite singers (actors, sportsmen) on the walls. I like my room very much and often invite my friends. We spend a good time together playing computer games (table games), listening to music or watching our favourite films (youth series, cartoons).

Мой дом Моя комната

My room

To finish with, I would like to mention that in front of our house there are some flower-beds with tulips, roses, gladioli, asters and dahlias. And behind the house there is a kitchen garden where we grow different fruit and vegetables. In the garden we have an arbor and in summer we usually have our family dinners there.

House Vocabulary

block of flats                             -   многоквартирный дом

9-storeyed block of flats           -   девятиэтажный дом

detached house                          -   частный дом

mansion                                     -   особняк

cottage                                       -   деревенский домик

country house/dacha                  -   дача

arbour                                         -   беседка

balcony                                       -   балкон

roof                                             -   крыша

chimney                                      —   труба

fireplace/mantelpiece                 -   камин

attic                                            -   чердак

wall                                             -   стена

wallpaper / liquid wallpaper        -  обои / жидкие обои

front / back door                         —  дверь (парадная/задняя)

floor                                             —  пол

window                                        -  окно

window sill                                  -  подоконник

ceiling                                         —  потолок

stretch (suspended) ceiling         —  натяжной потолок

garage                                         —  гараж

shed                                            —  сарай

garden                                         —  сад

frontage/front garden                 -  палисадник

kitchen garden                            —  огород

yard                                             —  двор

flowerbed                                    -  клумба


living room /sitting room           —  гостиная

bedroom                                     —  спальня

dining room                                -  столовая

study                                           —  рабочий кабинет

children’s room /nursery             —  детская комната

bathroom                                     —  анная комната

kitchen                                         —  кухня

toilet                                            -  туалет

hall                                               —  прихожая

corridor                                        -  коридор

cellar / basement                         —  подвал

store-room                                  -  кладовка

downstairs                                   —  на первом этаже (внизу)

upstairs                                        -  на втором этаже

staircase                                       —  лестница в доме


furniture unit (wall unit)                -  мебельный гарнитур ( стенка )

candlestick                                   —   подсвечник

chandelier                                     —  люстра

chair                                              -  стул

armchair                                        -  мягкое кресло

rocking chair                                 —  кресло-качалка

swivel office chair                         —  вращающийся стул (офисный стул)

dressing stool                               —  банкетка

stool                                             —  табурет

ottoman                                        -  пуфик

bookcase                                      -  книжный шкаф

book-shelf  (shelves)                    -  книжная полка (полки)

book stand                                    -  этажерка

wardrobe                                        -  шкаф для одежды

cupboard                                        -  шкаф (буфет)

sideboard                                       —  сервант

desk                                               —  письменный стол / парта

table                                               —  обеденный стол

coffee-table                                   —  столик журнальный

dressing-table                                -  туалетный столик

bedside table                                  -  прикроватная тумбочка

bed                                                 —  кровать

twin beds                                        -  две односпальные кровати

double bed                                      -  двуспальная кровать

bunk beds                                       —  двухъярусная кровать

corner couch                                   —  мягкий уголок

sofa                                                 —  диван

lamp / wall-lamp / floor lamp        -  лампа / бра / торшер

desk-lamp (table-lamp/reading-lamp)  -  настольная лампа

chest-of-drawers                             —  комод

mirror                                                -  зеркало

coat rack                                            -  вешалка для одежды с крючками

houseplants (indoor plants)               —  комнатные растения

vase                                                    -  ваза

aquarium                                            -  аквариум

fountain                                              -  фонтан

computer                                             —  компьютер

laptop                                                  -  ноутбук

flat-screen TV set                                -  телевизор с плоским экраном

DVD-player                                          - DVD плеер

radio                                                     —  радио

stereo                                                   —  музыкальный центр

wall bars                                               —  шведская стенка

toy box                                                 —  ящик для игрушек

Prepositions of place

in — в

on — на

under — под

over / above — над

between — между (двух предметов)

among — среди (многих предметов)

in front of — перед

behind — позади

at, by, near — около, у, возле

in the corner of the room — в углу комнаты

in the middle of the room — в середине комнаты

opposite — напротив

to the left of the room — слева в комнате

to the right of the room — справа в комнате

Fun Time!

My students were asked to make paper models of their houses: a living room, my room, a kitchen and a bathroom. Look at our pictures above! We borrowed the idea from the group «We Teach English» in VK.

You can do such models with your students, too.

Hope this article was useful for you.

Thank you for reading!


Экологические проблемы нашего региона

Ecological problems of our region


When the earth is sick and polluted, human health is impossible…. To heal ourselves we must heal our planet, and to heal our planet we must heal ourselves.” 

Bobby McLeod (Aboriginal Activist & Poet) http://ecoadmirer.com

Imagine a warm summer evening.  You are going out with your friends in the local park area. But your good mood is often spoiled by the scenery which is very unpleasant to look at. There are a lot of empty plastic bottles and cans, dropped sweet wrappers and paper bags, seed peels and cigarette-ends all around. I think it’s bad evidence that our generation lacks good manners and cultural habits. To my mind, we can prevent simple land pollution if we stop throwing litter in the streets, at the river banks, in the forests or in the countryside after having picnics.

Everybody knows that the commonest air pollution comes from cigarette smoke. Moreover, it causes serious lung diseases. Some boys and girls start smoking being at school to seem grown-ups. Recently I’ve read in the newspaper that 1.6 million people die from smoking every year in Europe. To improve the situation not long ago our government introduced smoking ban in public places.

One more problem in our region, as well as in other rural regions, is burning of fallen leaves in autumn and dry grass in spring. When they are burnt, smoke is produced that makes the air dirty and difficult to breathe. To reduce air pollution local authorities introduced high fines for burning leaves and grass. But unfortunately, the law doesn’t work.

Another very dramatic problem of our region is that rubbish is thrown out into big piles on the outskirts of our towns and villages. If this trend continues, we will have to live in a landfill very soon.

Экологические проблемы нашего региона

Think plastic-free!

In spring you may see crowds of people picking up beautiful tiny snowdrops in the park zone. This breaks the ecological balance. That’s why snowdrops are put down to the Red Book. From my point of view, to stop making the situation worse nobody should cut down the wild flowers anymore.

In comparison with other big industrial towns we haven’t got many plants and factories. Our village is situated in a picturesque area surrounded by chalk hills and thick pine forests. Not long ago we had fresh air the whole year round. But lately a combine fodder factory and a lot of chicken and pig breeding farms have been built in Volokonovka district. As a result, the air is not so clean now as it used to be. It smells disgusting. Moreover, the amount of people, especially children who suffer strong allergy, is constantly growing. I’m sure, the only way out is to use the antipollution equipment and purifying systems widely.

To improve the ecological situation in our region a tradition of so-called “clean Thursday” was introduced. That means that every Thursday all the inhabitants (dwellers) of our village sweep the streets and gather garbage near their houses, schools and buildings. In spring flowers, shrubs and young trees are planted on the flower-beds, slopes of the hills, in the parks and squares.

As for me, I try not to buy drinks in plastic bottles because they can’t be recycled. It is estimated that it takes 500 – 1,000 years for a single plastic bag to break down in a landfill. So, we replaced our plastic garbage bags with 100%  biodegradable ones. When it comes to shopping, my family and I use only reusable cotton bags. I never cut wild plants and never throw litter in the streets and recreation places. Also, we use energy saving light bulbs at home. I think that such simple measures can slightly (a bit) improve ecological situation around us.


mood                                          -             настроение

sweet wrapper                            —              конфетная обертка

seed peels                                   -             шелуха от семечек

lack                                             -             недостаток

habit                                           -             привычка

to prevent                                   -             предотвращать

pollution                                     -             загрязнение

to litter                                        -             загрязнять, сорить

river bank                                   —              берег реки

to cause                                       —            вызывать, причинять, способствовать

lung disease                                -             заболевание легких

to follow                                     -             следовать

lead                                             -             руководство, пример

to introduce                                -              вводить

ban                                              -             запрет

to reduce                                     -             уменьшать

fine                                             -              штраф

rubbish, garbage                         -             мусор

landfill                                        -              свалка

heap, pile                                    -              куча

trend                                            -             тенденция

dustbin                                        -             мусорный ящик

crowd                                          -              толпа

snowdrop                                    -              подснежник

in comparison                             -              в сравнении

picturesque                                 -              живописный

to surround                                  -             окружать

pine                                             -              сосна

disgusting                                    —             ужасный

to suffer                                       -             страдать

equipment                                    -             оборудование

inhabitant, dweller                       -             житель

flower-bed                                   -             клумба

to recycle                                     -              перерабатывать

measure                                       -              мера

slightly                                        -              немного

biodegradable   /ˌbaɪəʊdɪˈɡreɪdəbl/ —         разлагаемый

outskirts                                      -             окраина

Reduce your impact on the planet!

Just do your best!