В этой статье представлены дополнительные образцы заданий Устной части ЕГЭ по английскому языку. Как Вы уже знаете, в задании 3 Вам предстоит выбрать одну из трех фотографий и описать ее, используя предложенный план.

Время на подготовку — 1.5 минуты.

Продолжительность ответа — 2 минуты.

Task 3. Imagine that while travelling during your holidays you took some photos. Choose one photo to present to your friend.  

You will have to start speaking in 1.5 minutes and will speak not more than 2 minutes.

In your talk remember to speak about:

Формулировка задания в 2015 году.

  • when you took the photo (когда ВЫ сделали фото)  
  • what/who is in the photo (кто/что на фото)
  • what is happening (что происходит на фото)
  • why you took photo (почему вы сделали это фото)
  • why you decided to show the picture to your friend (почему вы решили показать эту фотографию своему другу)
Обратите внимание на изменения, которые произошли в формулировке задания №3 в устной части ЕГЭ по английскому языку в 2016 г. 
  • when and where the photo was taken (когда и где было сделано фото, то есть ЛЮБОЙ человек мог сделать это фото: вы, ваши друзья или родственники)  
  • what/who is in the photo (кто/что на фото)
  • what is happening (что происходит на фото)
  • why you keep the photo in your album (почему вы храните это фото в своем альбоме)
  • why you decided to show the picture to your friend (почему вы решили показать эту фотографию своему другу)

 You have to talk continuosly, starting with:

 I've chosen photo number...

Sample answer (photo № 1)

I've chosen photo number 1.  

Speaking part Task 3

photo 1

(Обязательно начните ответ с этой фразы, предварительно выбрав номер фотографии).

  •  I took this photo in one of the beautiful parks in Edinburgh when I was on my trip to Scotland two years ago. It is quite amazing, isn't it? 
  • In the foreground of the photo you can see two girlfriends spending their free time hanging around. They might study or work together.  They seem to be in a good mood. They both are wearing all Scottish style suits. Moreover, the girl on the left has got an incredible hat which perfectly matches the rest of her clothing. The most stunning thing that caught my eye was her hair done in dreadlocks. In her right hand she is carrying a black handbag made of leather.  
  • In the background of the picture there are a lot of green trees with bushy (thick) crown. It was early September and it happened to be a very warm and sunny day. But nevertheless some people put on their jackets because the weather is very changeable and unpredictable on the British Isles. The man on the right who is wearing a checked shirt might be a tourist because he has got a blue backpack. As you can see at this particular moment the place is not overcrowded, so I think, it is great to enjoy your leisure time with your nearest and dearest in such a place. 
  • I keep this picture in my album to recollect the pleasant moments of my journey to Scotland
  • I asked the girls a permisssion to take their picture because I liked the style they were dressed up and I decided to show it to you because you are also keen on wearing unusual and freakish hats and maybe, the picture will give you some new ideas.
  • That is all I wanted to say. (обязательная фраза для экзаменатора, свидетельствующая о завершении коммуникации)

Useful Vocabulary

to hang around — болтаться без дела

to match — подходить (по цвету)

to catch one's eye — привлекать внимание

stunning = incredible — сногсшибательный, потрясающий, невероятный

dreadlocks — дреды

bushy crown  - густая крона деревьев

freakish = strange = weird — причудливый, странный

to wear — носить одежду

to carry — держать (нести) вещи в руках

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 Sample answer (photo № 2):

I've chosen photo number 2.  

Speaking part Task 3

photo 2

(Обязательно начните ответ с этой фразы, предварительно выбрав номер фотографии).

  •  I took this photo during my winter holidays when we went to the ski resort in the Caucasus. After the Winter Olympic Games 2014, Sochi attracts lots of tourists both from Russia and from around the world.
  • In the foreground of the picture you can see two children: a boy and a girl. They came here from Novosibirsk. They told me that they had started to ski when they were only three years old, that's why they look very confident on the snowy mountain slopes. The children are wearing bright ski suits made of special fabrics that protect them from cold and at the same time are very light that helps them move quickly. They also have all the necessary skiing equipment for this kind of sport such as alpine skis, plastic boots with special bindings, helmets, ski poles and goggle mounts.
  • In the background of the picture you can see mountain peaks covered with snow and some kind of pines. You can't see the mountains quite well from behind the clouds but I should say it is a common phenomenon in this area.
  • At the very particular moment the children are learning a new downhill technique. And now they stopped for a while to take breath. Sometimes I saw them landing in a fall but they went to square one again and again. They didn't give up, so I should admit that they have got strong willpower. As you can see they look very healthy and happy. I believe that it's very useful to take up to sport from childhood. This will teach you to overcome difficulties in life, will teach you to win or to lose.
  • I keep this photo in my album because we made friends with the family from Novosibirsk and their cute kids and I want to remember the beautiful moments of my vacation.
  • I decided to show you this photo because I want you to appreciate these two young sportsmen and the beauty of the Caucasus Mountains (nature).
  • That is all I wanted to say. (обязательная фраза для экзаменатора, свидетельствующая о завершении коммуникации)   

Useful Vocabulary

mountain slope — горный склон

skiing equipment — лыжное снаряжение

alpine skis — горные лыжи

bindings — крепления для лыж

helmet — шлем

ski pole — лыжная палка

goggles — защитные очки

common phenomenon — обычное (распространенное) явление

downhill technique — техника спуска

to take breath — перевести дух ( отдышаться)

landing in a fall — приземляться в падении

to go to square one  (idiom) —  начинать все с самого начала

to give up (idiom) — сдаваться, отказываться

willpower — сила воли


 Sample answer (photo № 3)

 I've chosen photo number 3.  

Speaking part Task 3

photo 3

(Обязательно начните ответ с этой фразы, предварительно выбрав номер фотографии).

  • I took this photo in London Zoo when I was on my trip to the UK a year ago. To tell the truth, I’m not very good at photography but this picture turned out to be a beautiful one.
  • In the foreground of the picture you can see a colony of pelicans. You can’t but agree with me that pelicans are large birds with very long beaks. They have a long neck and short stout legs with webbed feet. The tail is short and square.  They have pale plumage with some grey feathers on the wings.
  • On the left of the picture there is a pond where the birds can swim. The zoo keeper told us a lot of interesting things about pelicans. She explained us that some species could make their nests in the trees while the others nest on the ground. It was interesting to know that they can fly but cannot dive because of their light skeleton. I also learnt that pelicans live up to 25 years in the wild and up to 40 years in captivity. But the most amazing fact is that pelicans never store their food in their throat pouch contrary to popular folklore. They use it for catching fish.
  • In the background of the picture you can see a girl taking photos. At this particular moment the birds are cleaning their feathers after being fed. Guess what! We were allowed to give them some fish and it was really exciting! All in all the weather was warmish and I had a great time there.
  • I took this photo because I had never seen those birds before in real life and wanted to remember all places I had visited in London. That's why I keep it in my album.
  • I decided to show you this photo because you are interested in photography and have got a big collection of snapshots of  birds. I think, it would be great if you could add my picture to it.
  • That’s all I wanted to say. (обязательная фраза для экзаменатора, свидетельствующая о завершении коммуникации) 

Useful Vocabulary

beak —  клюв

tail — хвост

wing — крыло

feather — перо

plumage [´plu:midʒ] —  оперение 

nest (to nest) — гнездо (гнездиться)

throat pouch — горловой мешок

Основные ошибки, которые допускают учащиеся при выполнении этого задания:

  • описание трех картинок вместо одной;
  • отсутствие вступительной и заключительной фраз;
  • неправильная интерпретация содержания картинки;
  • отсутствие высказывания своего мнения о сюжете картинки;
  • отсутствие разговорных клише при описании картинки;
  • фонетические и лексико-грамматические ошибки в ответе.

Ознакомиться с заданиями Устной части из Демонстрационного варианта ЕГЭ 2016 года, примерными образцами их выполнения, изменениями в формулировке к Заданию 3 Вы можете здесь

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