Хорошее настроение


1. Women's faults are many,               

    Men have only two:

    Everything they say

    And everything they do.

2. «Doctor, I often feel like killing myself. What shall I do?»

     «Leave it to me.»

 3. Once upon a time a lion ate a bull. He felt so good that he roared and roared.

     A hunter heard him and killed him with one shot.

     Moral: When full of bull, keep your mouth shut.

     full of bull (sl) = глупый человек

4. The girl who waits for a smart cookie usually ends up with a crumb.

     a smart cookie = usually a man who is selfconfident and clever

     a crumb = a dirty, insignificant person

5. «Are you fond of nuts?»  «Is this a proposal?»

     nuts = психи, чокнутые

     a proposal = предложение (о браке)


  • Кристина
    #1 написал Кристина 3 лет назад

    A woman was driving in her car on a narrow road. She was knitting at the same time, so she was driving very slowly.

    A man came up from behind and he wanted to pass her. He opened the window and yelled, «Pull over! Pull over!»

    The lady yelled back, «No, it's a sweater!»

  • admin
    #2 написал admin 3 лет назад

    Great joke! Thanks for it.

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