На этой странице Вы можете проверить свои ответы к заданиям по аудированию из тренировочного варианта 2.

Если Вы испытывали трудности во время прослушивания, ознакомьтесь с текстами аудиозаписей и изучите полезные советы для успешного выполнения заданий из раздела 1 ОГЭ.

Полезные советы:

  • ОГЭ Аудирование Вариант 2

    Listening part

    откройте тексты аудиозаписей только после полного прослушивания заданий
  • подчеркните в текстах те слова (словосочетания, предложения), которые максимально помогут Вам выбрать правильный ответ
  • выпишите и изучите новую лексику; пополните свой словарный запас
  • произнесите за диктором те фразы, которые вызвали трудность в понимании содержания во время прослушивания. Старайтесь копировать темп речи и интонацию.
  • затем прослушайте аудиозапись еще раз, уже без опоры на текст.

Hope you can do it much better now!

Задание 1

Вы два раза услышите четыре коротких диалога, обозначенных буквами А, B, C, D. Установите соответствие между диалогами и местами, где они происходят: к каждому диалогу подберите соответствующее место действия, обозначенное цифрами. Используйте каждое место действия из списка 1–5 только один раз. В задании есть одно лишнее место действия. Запишите в таблицу выбранные цифры под соответствующими буквами. У Вас есть 20 секунд, чтобы ознакомиться с заданием.

Now we are ready to start.

Dialogue А

A: Next Tuesday is my wife’s birthday and I’m throwing her a big party. I need to order 5 cakes, all exactly the same.

B: Of course. What kind of cake does your wife like?

A: Double fudge cake, with butter cream icing. And on the top of each cake, could you write “Happy 50th Birthday Anne”?

B: Sure, no problem. We can bake the cakes Tuesday morning, and you can pick them up anytime after 2 pm.

to throw a party – организовывать вечеринку

to pick smth up – забирать, поднимать, подвозить

double fudge cake – шоколадный торт со сливочной помадкой

butter cream icing – сахарная глазурь со сливочным маслом

Фраза “We can bake the cakes” – помогает выбрать правильный ответ (to bake – baker – bakery – пекарня, булочная): at the bakery (4)


Dialogue B

A: Those grapes look wonderful. Give me a pound please.

B: There you are. One pound of the grapes. The melons are also excellent. They were just delivered this morning.

A: Hmm! They do smell good. Could you choose a nice ripe one for me?

B: This one should be perfect for your breakfast tomorrow.

grapes – виноград

melon – дыня

pound – фунт (мера веса в Великобритании; 1 фунт = 454 гр)

Названия фруктов, звучащие в диалоге, говорят о том, что действие происходит во фруктовом ларьке: at a fruit stand (1)


Dialogue C

A: I think I’ll make stew tonight. Do you have some good stew beef?

B: Of course. Will one pound be enough?

A: Yes, I think so. And this weekend, we’re going to have a back-yard barbecue, so I’ll need 10 hotdogs and enough ground beef for 10 hamburgers.

B: How about some pork ribs for your barbecue? With a good barbecue sauce?

A: Oh, that’s a great idea. Add a pound, no, 2 pounds of ribs.

stew beef – говядина для жаркого (мякоть)

ground beef – говядина молотая (фарш)

pork ribs – свиные ребра

to grind (ground, ground) – перемалывать, растирать

В диалоге идет речь о покупке различных сортов мяса, а поэтому с уверенностью выбираем ответ: at the butchers /ˈbʊtʃəz/ shop (5)


Dialogue D

A: Excuse me, waiter, we’ve been waiting more than 30 minutes for our salads. You didn’t forget them, did you?

B: I’m sorry sir. I put your order in as soon as I took it, but a large party of 15 people arrived just before you did. I’m afraid the kitchen’s running a bit behind.

A: A bit? 30 minutes for two salads is more than a bit behind!

B: Yes, sir, I agree. But they should be ready any minute now sir. Let me go check.

waiter – официант

I put your order in … – Я отдал ваш заказ (для исполнения)

The kitchen’s running a bit behind. – Кухня немного опаздывает с выполнением заказов.

Очевидно, что клиент не доволен тем, как его обслуживают в этом ресторане: in a restaurant (2)

You have 20 seconds to complete the task. (Pause 20 seconds.)

Now you will listen to the dialogues again. (Repeat.)

This is the end of the task. You now have 20 seconds to check your answers. (Pause 20 seconds.)

Задание 2

Вы два раза услышите пять высказываний, обозначенных буквами А, В, С, D, Е. Установите соответствие между высказываниями и утверждениями из списка: к каждому высказыванию подберите соответствующее утверждение, обозначенное цифрами. Используйте каждое утверждение из списка 1–6 только один раз. В задании есть одно лишнее утверждение. Запишите в таблицу выбранные цифры под соответствующими буквами. У Вас есть 30 секунд, чтобы ознакомиться с заданием.

Now we are ready to start.

Speaker A

Well, I like to walk to work. My friend Nancy and I meet halfway between our two apartments, and we walk together. We talk about work, our families, the TV shows we watched the night before. We help each other with problems we’re having, and we laugh at the crazy things our children do. I know other people drink coffee to wake up in the morning, so they’ll be ready for work, but for me, that morning walk is the best way to start the day.

Speaker B

Fortunately, I live really close to a subway station, so it’s easy to take the subway to work every morning. It’s just 5 stops between my station and the one closest to work – a really quick trip. But, boy, is it crowded! It’s a really busy line! Sometimes I have to wait for 2 or 3 trains to go by before I can push my way on the train. I can hardly breathe, there are so many people. But I listen to music on my MP3 player, and the time goes quickly.

Speaker C

There are four of us who regularly drive to work together. Two of us have cars, so we do all the driving. We all share the cost of the gas and parking. Mostly, it’s a good way to commute to work. We like to listen to the news and debate the issues of the day. Two of us are pretty liberal and two of us are rather conservative, so sometimes we end up having quite an argument. Once we got so upset with each other, we missed our exit on the highway.

Speaker D

I live near work, so when the weather’s nice, I like to ride my bicycle. Fortunately, there are no big hills nearby, so it’s an easy ride. Its a pretty ride too. I go through the country park, past a pond with ducks and geese.  In the fall, the trees – with their leaves turning red and yellow – are so beautiful. Of course, in the winter, it’s too cold and snowy to ride my bike.  But in the spring time, there are all sorts of blooming trees – apple, cherry, and lilac.

Speaker E

I take a bus to work. The bus stop is at the corner, so it’s very convenient. And the best part is that my stop is the first stop, which means I always get a seat! I usually bring the paper with me, but I don’t read it much. These days the news is always bad; I really don’t want to start my day thinking about all the tragedies in the world. So, a lot of the time, I just fall asleep. My stop near work is the last one, and I only wake up when the bus driver shouts at me!

You have 30 seconds to complete the task. (Pause 30 seconds.)

Now you will listen to the dialogues again. (Repeat.)

This is the end of the task. You now have 20 seconds to check your answers. (Pause 20 seconds.)

Задания 3 – 8

Вы услышите телефонный разговор отца и дочери. В заданиях 3–8 в поле ответа запишите одну цифру, которая соответствует номеру правильного ответа. Вы услышите запись дважды. 

Father: Hi, Bethie. I’m so glad you called. How did you like your first week at college?

Daughter: Well, dad, it was good and bad.

Father: Oh, no, are you alright?

Daughter: Yes, yes, I am fine. Don’t panic. Let me tell you what happened. So first I had to check into my dorm and meet my roommate. Her name is Kim and she’s from South Korea.

Father: Oh, that’s wonderful. You wanted an international roommate.

Daughter: And Kim’s just great. (3) She’s already taught me some Korean, and I’m helping her with English. Plus she loves singing. We are going to join the school chorus together.   (4)

Father: Oh, that sounds nice – but are you sure you’ll have enough time – with all your studies – to be in the chorus?

Daughter: Dad, stop worrying. I’ve been to all my classes and they’re all really interesting, and I’m sure I can do well. (5)

Father: Well, that sounds great – but you said your first week was both good and bad. So what was bad?

Daughter: Well – now don’t get angry – but I’m out of money!  (6)

Father: Already? How in the world could you spend all the money we gave you and all the money you saved?

Daughter: Easy! Everything is so expensive here! First Kim and I had to buy things for our room.

Father: Like what? Doesn’t the university provide everything you need?

Daughter: Yea, they provide furniture – but the room is really ugly. (7)  So we bought some new curtains, and a carpet, and some really cool pictures for the walls.

Father: OK. But that couldn’t have used up all your money.

Daughter: Well. No, of course, not. I had to spend a fortune on books and supplies. I had no idea college books would cost so much. My biology book cost $75!

Father: Well, alright, you have to get books and supplies. But still, how could you spend all your money in just one week?

Daughter: Well, Kim and I decided we should buy bikes, because it’s much easier to ride bikes to class than to take the bus. And I can’t ride a bike in a skirt, and I only brought one pair of pants with me, so I had to go out and buy some new pants, and while I was at the store, I found a great pair of boots for winter. And over the weekend we went out with some new friends, and we ended up at this nice restaurant, and then we went to a club to go dancing, and then … (8)

Father: Stop – I get the idea. Honey, I think you better call back when your mom’s home. We have to have a serious talk.

Daughter: Yes, I figured that’s what you’d say!


roommate /ˈruːmmeɪt/  – сосед по комнате

chorus  /ˈkɔːrəs/ – хор

I am out of money – У меня деньги закончились

ugly (безобразный, уродливый) = unattractive

fortune /ˈfɔːtʃuːn/   – a lot of money – состояние

to spend money ON smth – тратить деньги НАчто-либо

pants (AE) = trousers (BE) – брюки

to end up —  to finally be in a particular place or situation – оказываться в конечном счете в каком-то месте

to figure = to think = to decide – решать, считать, полагать

I figured that’s what you’d say! – Я так и предполагала, что ты это скажешь!


You have 30 seconds to complete the task. (Pause 30 seconds.)

Now you’ll hear the text again. (Repeat.)

This is the end of the task. You now have 30 seconds to check your answers.

(Pause 30 seconds.)

This is the end of the Listening Test.

Время, отведённое на выполнение заданий по аудированию, истекло.



Key answers:

Задание 1                        4152


Задание 2                        53126



3       1

4       3

5       3

6       1

7       2

8       3

Do your best and get better results!