Skype with Sharks4kids

14 February 2019

Sharks4kids  Skype  Session

Hello everyone!

There are different Skype activities which you can use during you class to boost your students' knoweledge.

On the 14 February 2019 we had a JAWsome Skype session! 🦈🦈🦈
My students and I were completely SHARKed!!! 🐋🐋🐋
Today we had as a guest speaker Jillian Morris Brake, a marine biologist who studies different ocean animals and spends a lot of time working with sharks in the Bahamas.
She told us a lot about how scientists learn about marine animals. 
My students wondered how much food per day the sharks could eat, what their maximum weight and length could be, how many babies the shark could have, if all the sharks were dangerous and much more.
Can you imagine, the distance we travelled today is 9, 324. 55 km without leaving our classroom!!!
Thanks a million, Jillian for this thrilling experience of travelling under the water in company with these FINtastic creatures.


Sharks 4 Kids Intro from Oceanicallstars: Duncan Brake on Vimeo.