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культурный обмен

Cultural Exchange Skype Session: 8 countries

19 June 2019

Cultural Exchange Skype Session: 8 countries

флаг России

Russian flag: white, blue, red

                                      Vietnam 🇻🇳    Portugal 🇵🇹

                                      Greece 🇬🇷      Australia 🇦🇺

                                      Taiwan 🇹🇼      Kenya 🇰🇪

                                      Russia 🇷🇺       South Korea 🇰🇷 

Today we had an enormous Skype session with educators from around the world. There were 8 countries alltogether. We joined this meeting to show the beauty of our national Russian costumes, dances and songs.

As my Smart Teens Studio of English hasn't got much space for dancing, my cute girls tried to perform some movements of their favourite dances in front of the camera. They did it very professionally because they all are taking dancing classes and got different awards in regional art competitions.

Also, we sang a very popular song «Katyusha». I was really impressed by Anna Dyagileva-Tkachuk's sweet voice when she was singing for us.

Thanks a ton Ha Nga and her colleagues for a wonderful presentation on Vietnam. It was interesting to learn that the biggest cave in the world Hang Son Dong is in Vietnam.

Thank you Kiki Xynta, Lori Wu,Wycliffe Omukhulu, Rosa Ferreira, Mrs. Kingdon and Anna Dyagileva-Tkachuk for joining us today. Special thanks go to my dearest friend and a very dedicated teacher Hannah who organised this meeting for us.
Kihyun Park, an educator from South Korea, has missed our session but he has recorded a video for us which we highly appreciated.

It was a new way for me to skype when 8 countries join the call simultaneously.
Hope to continue our fruitful collaboration in a new school year!

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Skype with Nepal

10 June 2019

Skype the classroom

Nepal  — Portugal — Russia

Skype session with a wonderful educator from Nepal Bibash Thapa. His cute students sang their national song and danced for us. We sang a «Hello song» and introduced ourselves talking about names, age, family, hobbies and favorite school subjects. Later on an educator from Portugal Rosa Ferreira joined us with her lovely pet cat.
During this session my 2-graders learnt the names of the continents, countries and their capitals. We found Portugal and Nepal on the map, learnt that Portugal is washed by the Atlantic ocean and Nepal borders on India and China. Thanks a million for your efforts both respected educators and students. Hope to continue our collaboration in a new school year!
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A teacher-trainer from Nepal Bibash Thapa wrote on his Facebook page:

Thanks educator Helen Shramkova-Kapatsin for connecting with my students.  Your grade 2 students are so lovely, they speak far better than our grade 5 students. I am grateful to them for their «Hello song» . My students will never forget Russian Doll Matryoshka1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,and 9 and the pictures of your beautiful city. Not only me other 4 English teachers were also looking our activities and they all praise the way you make your grade 2 srudents to do introduction...praiseworthy,., well managed class ...hope to continue again for private school's mystery skype session @ Russia