Are you ready for a Spooky Party?

A really spooky party is fun to give, especially at Halloween. To make your room look extra scary, hang up lots of creepy decorations like black balloons, spooky spiders and batty bats. Ask your guests to dress up as really wicked witches, swooping bats, moaning mummies and skeletons or ghosts. Give them foul party food and play lots of grisly games.

I hope on my site you will find some ideas which help you give your party the right atmosphere. When the big day arrives, make sure everything is absolutely ready. Hag up the decorations, set out the party table (the recipe of Pumpkin Pie read here), dress up and be ready to greet your friends.

How to make a Ghostie Invite

Before you send out your invitations, decide where and how long your party would be and how many people you are going to invite. Then start to work on the invitations ready to send them out no less than 10 days before your party.


приглашения с приведением

Ghostie Invites

  • Coloured cardboard
  • White paper
  • Scissors
  • Felt-tip pen
  • Glue


  • Cut out a rectangle of coloured cardboard for every guest. Fold it in half.
  • Cut out a ghost shape for every guest from a sheet of white paper. Draw on eyes and smiley mouths with a black felt-tip pen and then glue them on the colured cardboard rectangles.
  • Write all the details of your party inside your invitations.

Hang-About Horrors

Make lots of ghosts to join your party.

Drop a small rubber ball, a balloon or even an orange into a pillow case to make the head. Fasten a rubber band loosely around the case under the head. Stick on spooky black eyes. Hang up your horrors with thread or string.

How to make a Halloween Spider


  • a lot of black yarn
  • 4 pipe cleaners
  • scrap cardboard
  • googly eyes
  • glue and scissors 


  • cut a piece of yarn about 2 feet long (60 cm) and put it aside for later
  • cut a piece of strap cardboard 3 inches long (7.5 cm) and 2 inches wide (5 cm)
  • wrap about a yard or two of yarn around the rectangular piece of cardboard (don’t wrap the yarn too tightly or it will be hard to take it off the cardboard)
  • carefully remove the yarn loops from the cardboard (make sure the loops retain their shape)
  • place the four pipe cleaners on top of the loops
  • tightly tie the 2-ffot-long piece of yarn around the middle of the loops plus pipe cleaners
  • cut the yarn loops at their edges
  • trim the pompom so that it makes a nice circle
  • bend the spider’s legs and glue on googly eyes
  • enjoy your spider

Creative Spider Colourings

Open the picture in a new window, save the picture and print it.

Let your kids have fun!


Paper Spooky Spiders


  • black paper
  • scissors
  • glue
  • spooky eyes


  • Cut out two strips of black paper: 2.5 cm by 15cm
  • Wind one of the strips loosely around your finger and glue the end down firmly. This is the spider’s body.

бумажные паучки 1

Spooky Spider
Step 1

  • Cut each end of the second strip into four legs, leaving 2.5 cm in the middle. Push the strip through the spider’s body. Glue it in the middle.

бумажные паучки 2

Spooky Spider
Step 2

  • Paint (or glue) two big spooky white or yellow eyes on the body. Then curl the legs down by dragging them between your first finger and thumb.

бумажные паучки

Spooky Spider
Step 3

From these videos below you may find out how to make postcards for Halloween.



If you have got any crazy ideas, feel free to share them in the comments under this article.