Hello, dear readers!

Celebrating Halloween with my students is always fun! ! And this year we’ve decided to make something special! I hope that some of you are very good at scrapbooking but if you’ve never heard about this activity before, read this short definition from Wikipedia:

Scrapbooking is a method, an art for preserving, presenting, arranging personal and family history in the form of a book, box, card.  

Halloween cards

Halloween scrapbooking activity 2017

An early known American scrapbooker and inventor of scrapbooking supplies was Mark Twain. Twain was known to carry scrapbooks on his travels as he collected souvenirs, clippings and pictures.

Nowadays the hobby of scrapbooking is very popular and you can find lots of tips and ideas on social networks.

Most of my students, especially girls, are fond of card making which is a kind of scrapbooking. We always make cards for Christmas, St. Valentine’s Day and Women’s Day. I am absolutely sure it’s a fantastic way to develop your creativity. Moreover, working together, you master your skills in teambuilding: you learn from other members of your group how to cooperate together in order to make your own incredible funny item (card), you learn to be supportive and responsible.

So, we started with collecting stuff for our cards. You can buy scrapbooking paper and various templates at any craft store. I bought a set of black cardboard for kids’ craft at so-called “Fix price store”. It cost me only 55 roubles (1$) which is quite cheap. There are similar shops in the UK which are called “One pound” where you can buy any item for 1 pound only.

Solid objects such as plants, silverware, or small trinkets can be used too when further visual representation is needed.

What I like best about our cards is that they are special and have got their personalized touches. They give my students the feeling of proud for something unique they have made and that is not wide spread.  Actually, their friends and parents appreciated all the effort that has been done into designing.


Halloween scrapbook paper (“Mystery forest”)

Halloween black-and-white or coloured templates or foam shapes (a haunted house, a bat, a ghost, a skeleton, a black cat, a witch, a jack-o’-lantern, a spider, a skull, etc.)

set of coloured cardboard

white computer paper

glue stick



glow in the dark Halloween stickers

Halloween ribbons

Halloween felt sheets

black pipe cleaners

easy glue eyes

glitter shakers

painting kit


craft knife


  • Choose the patterns on the Internet and download them. Print the patterns on white paper or cardboard.
  • Cut out the patterns. When cutting out shapes, try rotating the paper instead of the scissors.
  • Glue card items on the scrapbook paper but don't overload it!
  • Celebrate a special occasion or event with cherished photos.

Useful tips

  • If you want to be tuned into the ins and outs of the scrapping stuff, read different blog posts about scrapbooking.
  • Work together in groups or in pairs. As the English proverb says “Two heads are better than one".
  • Let your imagination run wild and don't be afraid to be bold! Move pieces on the cardboard until you are absolutely happy with the picture (with your card)

Hope you liked this Halloween scrapbooking activity and our beautiful Halloween cards.

Happy Halloween!