Halloween is a great time for parties and trick-or-treat activities for children and grown-ups, too. No matter how extravagant your Halloween affair may be there are plenty of easy food and decoration ideas, using a lot of things you may already have around the house.

Why don’t try non-sugared healthy Halloween treats instead of candy this year! Of course, you’ll have much fun when you go trick-or treating but not so much fun for your body.

fruit monsters

Healthy Treats for Halloween

These cute little Fruit Monsters are not only adorable but also might be a healthy snack option for your Halloween Party. The kids always get a huge kick out of them. The benefit of fruit Halloween treats is obvious!

To carve Fruit Monsters you need:

  • 4 – 5 green or red apples
  • a jar of nut butter
  • some strawberries
  • sunflower seeds

fruit monsters



  1. Cut your apples in quarters avoiding the core, and then carefully carve the mouth out with a knife. You should be able to make about four of these guys per apple. Spray or rub them with lemon juice if you’d like to prevent them from browning.

apple quarters

Step 1

  1. Spread peanut or almond butter on the inside of the “mouths”, mostly on the bottom where the strawberry tongues will be.

fruit monsters

Step 2

  1. Use sunflower seeds for the teeth. Gently push them into the flesh of the apples.

fruit monsters

Step 3

  1. Cut several strawberries length wise into little slivers to use them as tongues. Depending on the size of your strawberries you should get about 2 – 4 “tongues” each. Place your strawberry tongues inside the mouths, using the peanut butter as glue.

fruit monsters 6

Step 4

  1. Now here’s the best part! Use a little bit of your nut butter to glue on candy eyes. You can also cut mini marshmallows in half, and use a black food marker to make them look like eyes.


Apple snacks for Halloween

Fruit Monsters


non-sugared treats  [nɒnˈʃʊɡəd triːts] – угощения без сахара

instead of [ɪnˈsted əv] – вместо

adorable [əˈdɔːrəbəl] – прелестный

to get a huge kick out of smth – получать огромное удовольствие от чего-либо

benefit [ˈbenɪfɪt] – преимуществo

quarter [ˈkwɔːtə] – четвертая часть

core [kɔː] – сердцевина яблока

to carve [kɑːv] – вырезать

to rub – натирать

to prevent [prɪˈvent]  – предотвращать

mouth [maʊθ] – рот

tongue [tʌŋ] – язык

bottom – нижняя часть, дно

sunflower seeds – семечки

almond butter [ˈɑːmənd] – масло из миндальных орехов

peanut  butter  [ˈpiːnʌt] – арахисовое масло

marshmallow [ˌmɑːʃˈmæləʊ] – зефир

flesh – мякоть

sliver [ˈslɪvə] – кусочек, осколок

glue [ɡluː]  – клей

Wickedly Good Desserts

I’m positively batty for these wickedly good desserts for a pumpkin-filled Halloween. They are ready to spook and delight your trick-or-treaters and guests.

desserts for Halloween

Halloween Desserts

  1. Get a pumpkin and draw eyes, a nose and a mouth with a black marker. To make it look funny, pin a beautiful bow in Halloween colours: orange, black or purple.
  2. Peel and cut into half some bananas. Add peanut butter to make their eyes and mouths. That’s it! Your ghostly bananas are ready!
  3. And how do you find this sweet persimmon bugaboo in a straw hat? It looks as if it fell in love with these two pumpkin like tangerines.
  4. Add some green parsley to freshen your treat.
  5. Enjoy your desserts!


batty – сумасшедший

wickedly good = extremely good –  потрясающе

to spook – пугать

to delight [dɪˈlaɪt] – радовать, восторгаться

to peel – снимать кожуру, чистить

persimmon  [pəˈsɪm.ən]  – хурма

bugaboo – парень, чучело

straw hat – соломенная шляпа

tangerine  [ˌtændʒərˈiːn] – мандарин

Rhyme Time!  

Shadows of a thousand years

Rise again unseen.

Voices whisper in the trees

“Tonight is Halloween!”

Good luck preparing and remember to be creative with your party planning! 

Don't let Halloween sneak up on you!